Modular Homes Make Great Cabins

Modular homes or manufactured homes make great cabins, really!  If you are looking to replace an old cabin or build on a bare lot, we have countless options for everyone.

Why do Modular Homes Make Great Cabins?

We think the variety in style and options, completion time, and affordable prices are all reasons that modular homes make great cabins.

Variety in Style & Options

Our modular and manufactured home floor plans offer a variety of styles and options for a lake cabin or cozy country retreat.  As you browse through our photo gallery you will see a wide variety of style options, from country ramblers to lofts, cape cods, and two story homes.  We have countless floor plans for you to look through, but first you may want to think about a few questions to help narrow down the search.

Minnesota Lake Cabin

  • Based on my lot size, how big of a cabin can I build and how big do I want it to be?
  • What style am I looking for?
  • Do I want a basement or crawl space?
  • Do I want any special features (i.e. porch, wood interior finish, fireplaces, etc)?
  • Is this a seasonal cabin or year round home?


Completion time

The fun part about cabin time is relaxation and leaving the “real world” behind!  For those looking to build a cabin likely do not want to be stressing over the completion of their cabin – you want to fast forward to the part where you are enjoying the completed product.  With modular or manufactured homes the process and completion time is usually much less than a cabin built on-site, another reason why modular homes make great cabins!

Affordable Prices

Affordable prices is another reason why modular homes make great cabins.  We offer both modular and manufactured homes which allows us to offer cabins at various price points.