The Highland Signature HS764A is a 4 bed-2 bath with lots of customization options for you.

We love all the potential the Highland Signature HS764A has to offer, and hope you do too. As a 2,027 sq. ft. home, there are a few different rooms you can change to your liking - making it truly feel like home. Starting in the master bathroom, you get to pick between four different bathroom options. Then, next to the dining room, you get to pick what you want your kitchen to look like based on three different options. Next, you have the choice to take out the fourth bedroom and turn it into either a study or office space. In the end, you will have a customized home perfect for you!

The Highland Signature series has a variety of great homes to choose from - which are all available to be built as a modular or manufactured home today.

Based out of Worthington, Minnesota, Highland Manufacturing company has a reputation for both high-quality modular and manufactured homes. With these homes, you have the option to have your home built as either a modular or manufactured home. The Highland Signature HS764A is perfect for someone who needs a large home with some customization options. Excelsior Homes West, Inc. wants to help you find the perfect home to fit all your housing needs. Have questions about this Highland Signature home or thinking this could be the perfect home for you? Contact us today to learn more or visit us in Hutchinson, Minnesota.